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JMRI: Downloading and installing DecoderPro

DecoderPro is distributed as part of the free JMRI downloads. The steps to getting it working are:

Make sure DecoderPro can run on your computer
The DecoderPro software will work on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It will probably also work on most other modern operating systems that have Java available; contact us for help if you'd like to try it on some other system. You need to have a serial port available, either on the computer itself, or via a USB adapter.
Make sure JMRI works with your DCC system
The hardware page lists the DCC systems compatible with DecoderPro, along with the known limitations.
Download and install JMRI
The download page on the main JMRI web site provides links to download various JMRI versions, along with links to release notes, etc. We strongly recommend that you first download and install the most recent production release and make sure that it's working, before you try some of the more recent development releases.

Note that there are different downloads for the different types of computer (Macintosh, Windows, etc), and the procedures for installing the program differ. You'll find all that on the download page.

Start up and configure the program
The install instructions reached through the download page will have told you how to start up the program and configure it. When that's done, you should have a working DecoderPro installation.