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Using JMRI and XTrkCad Together

XtrkCad and JMRI XTrkCadReader is a tool that can take a layout file created with the XTrkCad layout design program and convert it to a panel file JMRI can use.

When you design a layout with XTrkCad, the information about track, turnouts, and their connections are stored in a "XTC" file. When you run XtrkCadRead with an XTC file as input, it creates an "XML" file for JMRI that contains the corresponding information. You can then read that XML file into JMRI to create a layout editor panel that represents your trackwork.

XTrkCadReader can be downloaded via this link.

A manual describing how to run XTrkCadReader, including the options and limitations, is available as a PDF file.

XTrkCadReader was created by Giorgio Terdina. It is part of the JMRI project and is available under the GNU General Public License. For additional information about licensing terms, kindly refer to our license page.

Technical Details

The code for XTrkCadReader is available in the JMRI code Repository.

If you'd like a complete copy of the code, for example to modify or improve it, you can check it out from its JMRI GitHub code repository.