JMRI: BR 2003 Signaling Definition

This directory contains signaling definitions corresponding to the GE/RT8000 - S1 Rule Book as described in the June 2003 version of the "Signals and indicators controlling train movements", Module S1.

These masts do not cover route (Theatre) indicators. They should be created via signal heads and controlled via logixs. Support for Junction (Feather) indicators is limited, and whilst a Feather can be described using a Signal Mast, its behaviour needs to be set up manually, using either Routes or Logix.

See the aspect page.

For three and four aspect signals, there are two options on how they can be built, the first is to use a single JMRI Signal Head to represent the main Signal. The second option is to build the signals using individual JMRI Signal Heads for each aspect. Depending upon the configuration in both JMRI and the hardware, will depend upon whether all the "flash" aspects are available.

Colour Light Signal Mast definitions:

Junction (Feather) indicator definitions:

Position Light Signals definitions:

Semaphore Signal Mast definitions: