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JMRI: Entry/Exit (NX) Tools

For a full description of Entry/Exit (NX), see Entry/Exit (NX) Documentation.

Entry/Exit (NX) Window

The Add Entry Exit Points window is used to create and delete Entry Exit Pairs for a given layout panel. It is also used to enable the Both Way option and enable/disable NX Pairs. The panel is accessed from the Layout Editor Tools menu.

NX Window

Sensors are assigned at block boundaries on the layout editor panel by using the pop up window on anchor points, turnouts, level crossings, end bumpers and edge connectors. These sensors act as the NX selection buttons and are used to create the Entry Point and Exit Point combo box content.

When the panel is opened, the Select Panel selection will be the current layout editor panel. Use the combo box to select the NX content for other panels. The Entry Point list contains the sensors for the currently selected panel. The Exit Point list contains all of the sensors from all layout editor panels. The Exit Point can be on another panel as long as the panels are linked using edge connectors.since 4.11.1

The NX Type defaults to Set Turnouts Only.




Route Re-selection — Determines what should occur when the NX route is reselected by the user.

Initial colour of path while route it Setup — While the route is being setup, set the track colour to that in the drop down, after a predetermined time the track will revert back to that defined in the block configuration.

Duration of setting Colour(ms) — How long the initial colour will be displayed for after the route has initial been selected.

Integrate With Dispatcher — Select this option if the NX route is to extend the path of an Active Train in the dispatcher. This option will only work if the block prior to the NX route is allocated to an active train and that block is also the end block.