Event Table Screen

The MERGCBUS Event Table displays event information on your CBUS connection.

Both incoming to JMRI and outgoing messages are logged to the table.

While the window is open, it will maintain a list of short on / off events, long on / off events, extended OPC on / off events, on / off accessory response events.

The table will always start with no entries, data is not maintained between sessions.

Short event codes will be stripped of any node number contained within the event CAN message.

All numeric values decimal.


Event Table Screen

The order can be rearranged by dragging the column header.

Right click in the header to select a list of columns to display.

Change the column sort order by left clicking on the column header.

Event, Node, On or Off

Event number reported within an event CAN message.

Node number reported by an event CAN message.

Last reported state of event, On or Off.

Send On / Send Off / Toggle

Send an on or off event. If the the event has a node number, this will be a long event otherwise short.

Toggle: If event last reported state is currently on, sends an off event and vice versa.

Event Name and Comment

The name entered will be copied to all other events with the same node and an empty name.


If the same event is sent from different module nodes ( which should have different CAN ID's ) these will display on seperate rows.

On / Off / Total Session

Running total on events.

Running total off events.

Total of both off and on events.

Last Heard

Time + datestamp of the last time the event was heard.

Delete Event

Delete event from this table after confirmation, option to disable further confirmatiions.

The event will be re-added to the table if re-heard on the network.


Debug use only.

Printing and Export / Import

You can start the table by adding it to your JMRI startup action list.
PanelPro > Edit Preferences > Start Up > Add > Perform Action > Open CBUS Event Table.

From the File menu, choose Export to open file save dialog and save the contents of the table in a CSV (comma separated values) text file.

Choose the Print (Preview) menu to create a hard copy of the Event Table.

The events are not currently maintained between sessions.

It is not currently possible to load data into the table from file.


You can view this help page within JMRI by selecting Help > Window Help in the top bar of the MERG Event Table window.

The CBUS Console can help you figure out what events are happening on your layout.

Main JMRI MERGCBUS Help page.