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VSD File and Configuration

The VSD File is a ZIP archive containing all of the source audio files, plus a Configuration File that tells the Virtual Sound Decoder when and how to use the sound files, plus a License information file license.txt.

An example VSD file is included with the package, more examples are available for download on the web and you can make (and share!) your own.

To open a VSD File you may have to rename the file extension "vsd" to "zip" first.

Configuration File

The config.xml file can be created or edited using a standard text editor or a XML editor.

A value in XML is described as a tag, e.g. <gain>0.8</gain>.

The following sections present some optional configuration features. They are documented as tags, so you can copy and paste it into your config.xml file, if desired.

Auto-Start Engine

Beside the "Auto Start Engine" option in VSD Preferences you may want to use this advanced option in your config.xml. Since this option is allowed per Engine, you could have auto-start-engines and non-auto-start-engines side by side.
Optional. Must be declared in the tag sound name="ENGINE". Default value: "no"
Since JMRI 4.11.3


Engine Start and Stop by a throttle key

If desired, you may define a throttle button to start and to stop the engine sound.
Optional. Must be declared in the tag sound-event name="ENGINE".
Since JMRI 4.11.4


      <trigger name="ENGINE_STARTSTOP" type="THROTTLE">
Reference Distance

It's recommended to setup this value for each sound tag. The reason for this is the sound attenuation model of OpenAL. Sounds with distance to listener position lower than reference-distance will not have any attenuation and the volume of the Audio Source will be as defined by the gain setting.
Optional. Must be declared in the tag sound previous to a gain value. Default value: 1.0
Since JMRI 4.11.4


Engine Gain

This element allows to adjust the engine gain for steam1 and diesel3 engine types.
For engine type steam1 the gain value must be in the range of 0.4 and 1.0.
Optional. Must be declared in the tag sound name="ENGINE". Default value: 0.8
Since JMRI 4.11.7