Hardware Support: CBUS - Technical Details

The support on this page is rapidly evolving; the actual code might be ahead or behind the documentation on any given day.

This page describes technical details of JMRI's CBUS support.

CAN Adapters

JMRI's general approach is to support as many hardware combinations as possible. By supporting as many people and their hardware desires as possible, we can create a growing community of developers, hence more code.

As part of this, the JMRI CAN support is designed to use as many CAN adapter types as possible.

The MERG CAN-RS can do "enumeration" for CBUS, but many other adapters can't because of their intrinsic latency. Their slow replies effectively make them invisible.

Therefore, Mike Bolton , one of the CBUS developers suggested that JMRI use a CBUS ID of 126. Currently, that's a fixed value.



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