Interface NceListener

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All Superinterfaces:
AbstractMRListener, EventListener
All Known Implementing Classes:
ClockMonPanel, NceAIUChecker, NceClockControl, NceConnectionStatus, NceConsist, NceConsist.NceReadConsist, NceConsistBackup, NceConsistEditPanel, NceConsistEngines, NceConsistRestore, NceMacroBackup, NceMacroEditPanel, NceMacroGenPanel, NceMacroRestore, NceMonPanel, NceOpsModeProgrammer, NcePacketGenPanel, NcePowerManager, NceProgrammer, NceSensorManager, NceShowCabPanel, NceTurnoutManager, NceTurnoutMonitor, UsbInterfacePanel

public interface NceListener
extends AbstractMRListener

Defines the interface for listening to traffic on the NCE communications link.

Method Summary
 void message(NceMessage m)
 void reply(NceReply m)

Method Detail


void message(NceMessage m)


void reply(NceReply m)

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